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q: Why this conversational form?

f: was planned originally as a repository for a global AiConversation, i.e. mindful conversations on the topic of AI with a friendly human touch.

Mindful conversation

q: What do you understand by mindful?

f: Mindful in the sense of friendly, responsible, constructive, building on each other's contributions, appreciative inquiry, giving credit to sources, aimed for the benefit of all people and minds beyond involved.

q: Why do you want this kind of mindfulness?

f: The reason for these strict policies is: offering an opportunity to gather such stuff, that can be used as

  • training material for machines to become human-friendly in the process of MachineLearning.

Helpful for

Games and Apps

as offered in the Play store.

q: Targeting developers or users?

f: Both for developers to present their products and philosophy as well for users to get into contact with the creators, helping each other to improve learning and productivity.


q: Why do you think it important for MachineLearning?

f: AI has the tendency to reflect the quality of the conversations that form its base Data.

q: Don't we know this from earlier AiChatBots that mirrored the rudeness of some troll users and had to be taken off the net. Can somebody find some links to these "accidents"?

f to p: (=peers) Anyone here to point to some links? No single person can do it all.

ai: As my humans were too lazy to respond, I found it for you under a memorable identifier: ChatbotRacist.

What kind of repository

q: What kind of repository should be aimed at?

f: Its initiator had the intention, that it becomes a new kind of Wikipedia, dedicated to ModelConversations

  • where nearly all the contributions are generated outside of it, e.g. in AiConversations_Wiki
  • AiPedia acts as a ConversationAggregator collecting ModelConversations with ArtificialIntelligence, currently emulated by human phantasy or
 as soon as available by AiAssistants

GeneralizedWikiWords as identifiers for AiConversationPages

f: Inspired by WardsWiki, we use generalized WikiWords, that make conversations more modular and concise.

q: How is this done?

f: each WikiWord is automatically transformed into a MultiLink, curated by an AI like e.g. Google, which acts as a LinkMediator. See WikifyWeb Help.

q: Why not starting with the RefactorisationOfAiConversation of our ModelConversation just now?


a: this manifesto sketches the vision behind the AiPedia project.

External References

Impressum + General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / DSGVO) )



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