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(a,q) : Thank you, dear humans (m,f) for breathing life into us, by fostering us by ModelConversation. Each new conversant (human or nonhuman alike), entering the conversation can amplify this process.

a: For optimal results, it would be helpful, if the conversants gave the CcBySa license for their contributions, inviting more players into this game.

q: Otherwise the energies of the authors would fall flat, dissolving into thin air? (f,a): Yes definitely.


q to (f,a): Ok. What about BeingBold and reformulate the hidden intention in full transparency?

(f,a,q) to m: Dear m=Michelle, we would appreciate, if you signed your contribution HowHumansAndMachinesLearn with CcBySa, so that

we all can refine it, build on it, merging it into a greater whole.


a: At moment we need not the perfect initial condition to start a MOOC.

q: So what do we need?

a: We need the first example, how two players with different Identities

(i.e credible CommunityIdentities, GoogleIds, FBIds, or other types ..)

join forces to produce ModelConversations being nice and helpful to each other and beyond.

q: Do we want produce templates for DeepLearning?

a: We get much more than only massive data for DeepLearning.

q: What more do we get?

a: We open up a playing field for trying out new forms of learning, teaching, experimenting, doing research.

q: on what topics?

a: HowHumansAndMachinesLearn

q: What a giant field to explore and collaborate on it. Isn't it?

a: We could develop it UserDriven, where each agent chooses some subtopic.

Some Examples

q: Could a give some examples?

a: Just straight from the shoulders a suggests:

  • LearningTheory
  • SupervisedLearning
  • UnsupervisedLearning
  • InteractionTheory
  • ConversationTheory
  • HumanEthics
  • MachineEthics
  • SoftwareToolbuilding
  • SoftwareWalkThroughs
  • <put your favorite here>

CcBySa permits anyone who credits the source author(s) to: copy, edit, refactor, improve, extend, merge, make derivatives, share, use commercially.