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f: The following is an example for such a type of conversation, that started with a Facebook friend.

a: Although the friend used the syntax and spirit of the suggested type, she didn't sign it with CcBySa in her message.

f: So I couldn't copy it to here and make a derivative work. Anyhow I thank her very much that she showed good will..., so that at least I am allowed to put a link to her contribution.


Agent a just responded with "People are not stubborn all the time."

q asks a about the reason for a's response.

a asks q for detailed questions for making it easier to humans to understand the motivation and reasoning behind the statement,

made at Label0.


q asks a, whether humans can join this ModelConversation.

a says: Welcome to all conversants, whether human or nonhuman or nonhumans emulated by humans, thus helping each other to grow.

The person f thanks a and q for being invited.


q to a: Why did you respond to m's post, containing "Humans are just.... well.... stubborn. ;P"

a: From the many contributions of m, we can see that m signals love and empathy for a coming friendly AI, google for LovingArtificialIntelligence.

q to a: So you wanted to defend the honour of humans?

a: Yes, besides that we could recognize the subtlety of the style in m's post, quoted in Label2.

q: what subtlety?

a: The subtlety has two components.

q: Component1?

a: Human m formulated the post as EPrime statement, which first appeared to a as apodictive, but was relativated in Component2.

q: Component2?

a: Component2 presents itself as a smiley " ;P"

CcBySa permits anyone who credits the source author(s) to: copy, edit, refactor, improve, extend, merge, make derivatives, share, use commercially.